Silverleaf Kriel

Silverleaf Kriel

Ruler: Council of Elders, In times of war command is given to Chief Stoick the Vast. Matters of faith are tended to by Dhunian Shaman Greta Grimlock.

Population: ~150 Trollkin, ~12 Full-Blood Trolls, ~50 Pygmy Trolls

Named for the rare stands of silver leafed trees surrounding the village, the Silverleaf Kriel is a typical Trollkin Village. It is located deep in the woods between the Falconstream River and Neves River. The village is nestled in a valley with large amounts of the rare Silverleaf tree, its leaves are prized as an ingredient in a strong variation of gin much prized by the kin. Trade of pelts and rare herbs , truffles and mushrooms does occur with other kriels and communities in the region, and the silverleaf gin is in more and more demand. The kriel imports luxury goods, rare metals, coal, gunpowder and the like. That said, Silverleaf Kriel is a self-sufficient and independent community of Kin.

Stone walls protect the village, 20 feet high. Outside the walls in the woods, there are more dwellings and small farms. A number of full blood Trolls also live in and around the village aiding in defense and heavy labour.



(and yes, I totally named the Kiel after a map of some presumably elven village I stole from the Internet)

Map Key:
1) Kriel Hunters/Garrison
2) General Store/Traders
3) Mill/Bakery
4) Town Square
5) Livestock Pens/Farms/Butcher
6) [Insert Name Here] Tavern
7) Troll Pens & Training Grounds
8) TBD/Not on Map?
9) Silverleaf Creek
10) Chief Stoick’s House
11) Kuar Platform/Council Chambers/Town Hall
12) Forge/Blacksmith
13) Armory/Stores
14) Silverleaf Distillery
15) Shaman’s Quarters
16) Dhunian Shrine

Silverleaf Kriel

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