Scarsfell Forest

The vast Scarsfells Forest is cold and unwelcoming, but even such an untamed place is home to many. The ancient trees of the Scarsfell provide excellent sources of lumber and the forest is teeming with highly prized animals hunted for their pelts, such as Elk, Ulk and Deer.

A diverse array of people live within the massive confines of the forest, its population is scattered, leaving plenty of room for the more dangerous denizens of the forest to dwell.

The rugged human race known as the Kossites claim the southern forest while the north is unquestionably the domain of the Trollkin. The largest concentration of Trolling north of the Gnarls. These disparate Kriels each have their own politics and leaders and lay claim to their own various portions of the forest. The Circle Orobors has a presence in these woods, due to the several points of primal power that they tend and many of their warbeasts hail from this region.




Scarsfell Forest

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