Nyss Elves

The Nyss are an offshoot of the Elven race. Elusive and rarely seen. Thousands of years ago these followers of Aeric, the chosen prophet of Nyssor (the Elven God of Winter) left the Elven nation of Ios and relocated to the Shard Spires mountains in the farthest reaches of northern Khador.


An insular people who fiercely defend their secrets and their territory. Interlopers were driven back into the frozen wilds or slain. Living in small tribes, or Shards, the Nyss were content with their lives.

All of that changed in the past few years as catastrophe struck. Unknown to most, the manipulative dragon Everblight has sunk his metaphorical talons into the Nyss. With millennia of time to perfect the application of his Blight, the dragon has corrupted the Nyss, forging them into them his own personal army. Control, manipulation and selective mutation are the least of Everblights changes to the Nyss. The Spawn came next.

The survivors were forced to flee from their homeland. Scattered and vulnerable the Nyss have sought sanctuary wherever they can. Mostly in the human realms of the Iron Kingdoms, but some Shards have remained in the frozen north. The braver ones in the foothills of the mountains or the Rimeshaw tundra or Scarsfell Forest,

The remnants of the Asyr Shard have recently encamped in the Silverleaf Valley. Mostly composed of the young, elderly and infirm, the Asyr Shard has very few warriors and only one Priest of Nyssor left among them. The warriors and hunters of the Asyr Shard have all been corrupted by Everblight. The young priest Aeric (named for the Prophet) has not been forthcoming, but he seems to have suffered quite the personal tragedy as well, hinting at some danger to follow.

Nyss Elves

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