IKRPG Unleashed - Spawn of Winter

Opening Session

The one where Dzug got his uvula bit by a Burrow-Mawg.

September 19, 2015

- Opening Session
- Not a full party today, only Ogra, Dzug and Morgash’s players were in attendance.
- Introduction to the Silverleaf Kriel and its home in the Scarsfell Forest
- Mostly World-Building and getting to know the characters
- Excellent character development with Morgash and Dzug. Unfortunately Ogra’s player kept falling asleep on the couch (its not his fault…he’s a baker and started work at 2am that day)
- Good development of the village
- Much monster hunting was done, the short-handed party even making quick work of a Mauler (Dzug did get squished though…but its good to be a Trollkin)
- Discovered evidence of creatures being forced south, out of their homes by some unknown danger in the North
- Discovered a ravaged battlefield where both Nyss Elves and Tharn were shredded by unknown creatures.
- – Made some new “friends” amongst the Tharn. A Bloodwitch and some of her tribe. The party convinced her that the Trollkin had nothing to do with the death of her tribesmen.
- Found more evidence that these mystery raiders were also gathering up captives and herding them back North for some reason.
- Followed the trail of unknown raiders out the edge of the forest, to the Neves River and the tundra beyond. A simple human fishing village was found, sacked and its occupants already slaughtered by the same Tharn Witch, her Chieftain and the rest of her tribe. There they were snackrificing some other captured Trollkin, clearly not believing the PC’s from earlier in the week.
- Our heroes staged a bold rescue (that was mostly successful, only one Trollkin was eaten that day) and returned to the village heroes and finding out they have some new neighbors. Refugee Nyss elves!


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